Helmet cameras to protect bike riders in court

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COLUMBIA - With advancing technology and cheaper costs of transportable cameras like GoPros, more bikers around the nation are wearing cameras on their helmets. 

In addition to being used for recreational purposes, the cameras can be used to prove fault in bicycle and vehicle crashes. 

"You can't really determine who's at fault sometimes in crashes," said Lawrence Simonson, assistant director of the PedNet Coalition. "So, these cameras kind of take that 'he said, she said'  thing out, and we actually have some proof of what actually happened."

Simonson said, while the cameras aren't incredibly popular among bikers in Mid-Missouri, he does know residents who use them. 

"They keep them while they're riding to work, or to the grocery store or whatever and film their ride just in case there is any kind of mishap," Simonson said. 

The cameras could come in handy, he said, especially because of safety issues for bikers in Missouri.

The League of American bicyclists ranked Missouri as 34th in terms of biker friendliness. 

"This isn't just a Columbia issue, but rather a national issue," he said. "Roads have been designed to move cars as quickly as possiblem. When that's happened, safety has taken a back step."