Hickman Class Ring Finds Owner After 40 Years

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COLUMBIA- A Hickman High School historian has tracked down the owner of a missing class ring about 40 years after it went missing. "Detective Kewpie" is also known as Charlie Blackmore.
Blackmore said a teenager found the 1972 class ring in 1974 in San Lin lake, a pay lake in Centralia that is no longer in existence.

"He and his buddy were diving off the diving board and seeing who could get to the bottom first and they'd dive and pick up a bunch of dirt and come up and the third time, he opened his hand and there was this class ring. "

The student gave it to his mother. The mother called Hickman High School to try to find its owner but in 1974, before the advent of the internet, the school came up empty on the search.
So the unclaimed property sat in a jewelry box for about four decades until the teen's mother recently contacted Blackmore.

Armed with the initials, T.R.L. on the ring, Detective Kewpie started pouring through his vast collection of Hickman High School yearbooks. Whom did he find?.... Terry Lindquist.

"I said here's the 64 thousand dollar question," Blackmore recalled the phone conversation. "Do you know where your class ring is? He said no two years after I graduated, my friend and I were swimming in San Lin Lake in Centralia and I lost it."

Blackmore placed the class ring in the mail, hoping to finally connect Lindquist with his formerly buried treasure. We reached out to Lindquist and are waiting to hear his reaction upon receiving the ring. For the Sherlock Holmes of Hickman High School, it was another case closed.

In addition to being an amateur detective, Blackmore...otherwise known as Mr. Kewpie...runs www.kewpie.net and keeps up with memorial pages, reunions and Hickman alumni activities. Last year alone, he scanned 19,000 images from old yearbooks.