Hickman High School Participates in Don\'t Text and Drive Day

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COLUMBIA - This Wednesday marks Don't Text and Drive Day and Hickman High School is teaming up with AT&T and Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid to recognize what the day is trying to teach.

This is part of the 'It Can Wait' Campaign, which aims to educate people on the dangers of texting while driving. 

Hickman outreach counselor Isaiah Cummings said people from AT&T contacted the school and asked it to participate.  Cummings said, "It's an important issue for the students to be aware of because of how quickly something can happen when you take your eyes off the road."

Mayor McDavid and AT&T will be at Hickman during the lunch periods to speak about the No Text on Board pledge where students can pledge to put their phones away while they drive.

Students can also view the documentary, "The Last Text," and try out an online texting and driving simulator.