Hickman Makes History

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COLUMBIA- Nine: the number of years since Hickman last beat Rock Bridge on Bruin turf. Fourteen: the point deficit the Kewpies faced in the fourth quarter. Three: the number of overtimes it took to finish the rivalry game. 

Sophomore Jimmy Whitt said,"We were tired by the third overtime we just wanted the game to end however we could get a win...so we just wanted to get a basket and play good defense the rest of the time."

After a second half surge put the Bruins up big, Hickman had to fight back.

Coach David Johnson said, "The boys did a really great job of getting some traps and getting some steals and converting some baskets and kind of changing the tempo of the game."

Junior Chris Clark said, "Time to suck it up. Time to be a man and I know they're tired. We just have to stay with it."

Whitt's floater put Hickman up 74-73 in triple overtime and sealed the Bruins' fate.

"It just showed our pride and our heart and the way that we could stay together. It was just an amazing feeling," said Clark.

Whitt said, "It was...it was insane."

After losing 21-straight games to Rock Bridge, this year's Kewpie squad beat them twice, for the first time in a decade.

"They work extremely hard...they have a will to win....and they have good chemistry and they really like each other," said Coach Johnson.

Whitt said, "We really gel together because we grew up playing with each other and we all knew we were going to the same high school."

With seven games left, the 17-2 Kewpies and their frantic fans are looking for a special finish to a special season.