Hickman Raises money, Feels Hurt by Image

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COLUMBIA - Hickman High School held a fundraiser the past two weeks for the relief efforts in Japan. The students held a penny wars from Tuesday, Apr. 12th to Friday, Apr. 22nd. The school placed department containers in the library for students and staff to put pennies in for their favorite department. If a student didn't want a particular group to win, they could "sabotage" the others by putting in any type of change other than pennies to make them lose points.

"They are really hard working individuals that think not only about themselves but the community around them," Student Government Advisor Jeff Devero said of his students.

The school feels like they don't get coverage for events like this anymore, giving them a bad image in the community. It also feels like outsiders think it's the school where kids from poverty backgrounds come from.

"The biggest issue was the fight sophomore year," student body president Rodney Dixon said of when the bad image started.

He's referring to a fight during the 2008-2009 year caught on a cell phone that quickly made it on to the internet. The school feels like the amount of press the fight got misrepresented what usually goes on at Hickman.

Devero thinks the language arts department won the penny wars competition, although he won't know until the students count the money on Monday. Devero's goal in the beginning was to raise somewhere betwen $1,000 and $2,000.