Hickman Senior Meets the President

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COLUMBIA- While most graduating high school seniors will be attending barbecues, Eric Young will be having dinner with the President. Young was recently named as a 2011 Presidential Scholar.

The United States Presidential Scholars Program was started in 1964 by President John F. Kennedy to pay tribute and honor some of America's brighest and most qualified high school seniors. Only 2 students from each state get selected as the honorees of this award.

In order to become a Presidential Scholar, Young had to complete numerous essays and short answer questions to fulfill the requirements. He also had to be academically qualified. Maybe it is his 4.0 grade point average that made Young his class Valedictorian, or maybe it is Young's perfect 36 on the ACT that made him more than qualified.

Young knew he still had to stand out from the rest of the candidates despite his acedemic sucess. To stand out from the rest Youngs said that he made his application different by trying "to use a bit of sense of humor and sarcasm here and there." Young wrote an extensive essay about his experience with playing Oakland Football in the 9th grade. Young said that he "is not a star athlete by any means," so it gives people the perspective of him other than academics.

In June, Young will venture to Washington D.C. to meet President Barack Obama himself. One of the perks of being a Presidential Scholar is picking an influential teacher. Young picked his calculus teacher Dr. Deanna Wasman to join him in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, Young can only bring one faculty. He'd like to bring his counselor Robin Hogan, who spent over 20 hours on his application, but instead, he is bringing a picture of her so she can be there in spirit.

Everyone from family  to friends to Hickman High School as whole, is extremly proud of  Young. Young is Hickman's 18th Presidential scholar which is a huge accomplishment. Hickman has had one of the highest numbers of Presidential scholars in the nation. Thanks to the hard work and charisma of Young, he has kept the tradition alive. Guidance counselor Robin Hogan said, "having Eric as my student is very much the highlight of my career of being a guidance counselor".

Young has one desire for the President. "Hopefully I can somehow mention that I enjoy playing basketball because I have heard that he takes certain players back to play basketball. I am hoping somehow that we can shoot hoops."

This charasmatic senior plans to attend Vanderbilt in the fall to study chemical engineering.