High December rain fall causes road closures

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COLUMBIA - Many mid-Missouri drivers altered their routes Monday due to flooded roads. 

Terry Cassil, Director of the Office of Emergency Management for Boone County, said road closures for flooding are not that common in December, but they do happen. 

"It's the same historic roads almost every time in Boone County,you know, Strawn Road, twin bridges, Blackfoot, those same roads are closed almost everytime we have any kind of flooding events," he said. 

"We just want people to pay attention to those road closures, pay attention to those signs, those signs are not there to interrupt you, those signs are there to protect you." 

KOMU 8's Tori Stepanek said typically by this date we would already have our first measurable snowfall in December.

"Obviously, had it been a little bit cooler, an inch of rainfall can be equivalent to 10 inches of powdery snow, and there's certainly a lot of different factors, but an inch of rain could also be anywhere from around 4-7 inches of a wetter snowfall," she said.

Sunday alone, 2.15 inches of rain fell, where as the amount of precipitation for the month of December is 2.5 inches. Sunday's rainfall also broke the rainfall record for the day, which was previously .97 inches of rainfall in 1901.  

Stepanek said though she does not think we are on track to set the record for the wettest December, which is almost 8 inches for the entire month. 

As for the road closures, Cassil said when water goes over the roads, at all, the roads are closed. 

"We don't know how deep the water is, and when water is running over the road like that we don't know that it hasn't washed the road out, what damage may have been done to that road," he said. "You know we're all in a hurry, and we all have places we want to be, but it's not worth risking your life to drive through that water, take an alternate route."

Cassil said they don't close roads just to interrupt, they're trying to keep people safe and there's an old saying they always use, 'turn around, don't drown'. 

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