High Heat Surprise -- Swimming Pools Not Overcrowded

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COLUMBIA - While the heat could bring some people to cool off in the water, it can also drive people indoors. Many people were playing at the Stephens Lake Tuesday noon. But at about the same time, very few people showed up at Douglass Family Aquatic Center.

Michael Rues was at the Stephens Lake with his wife and three grandchildren.

"It's extremely hot, but it's a Tuesday so that there's not many people here. So we are having a very good time and my grand kids are loving it," Rues said.

But he said as it was a small beach, he could imagine that it might get over-crowded on weekends.

"I guess the City could extend the beach a little bit on either way, but it's gonna to be careful about safety, " Rues suggested.

City of Columbia has six staffed aquatic facilities throughout the city.

Janel Twehous -- the City's recreation supervisor of aquatics -- says she hasn't seen any increase of the pool attendance at all.

"Actually there are not more people coming to the facilities now because of the heat and the heat index have been so high and everything." Twehous said.  "Honestly, people are trying to stay indoors and trying to stay where you know they are cool."

Twehous mentioned all six aquatic facilities are for different activities and each age and family, so that people could choose the one nearby or the one that fits their interest.

For those who love the water but prefer to stay indoors, they can go to ARC Water Zone or Hickman Pool in Columbia.