High pollen levels effect children too

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COLUMBIA- Sometimes it can be hard for parents to tell if their child's runny nose, sneezing and itchy and watery eyes are linked to allergies or the common cold. 

But Dr. John Mruzik at Boone Convenient Care said it's probably allergies. Cold symptoms usually include a fever and the chills. 

With the high pollen levels in mid Missouri, pharmacies and doctors offices are seeing more people come in with allergy symptoms. 

Mruzik said people should avoid trees and grass as much as possible, along with things such as "air conditioners in the car, air conditioner filters in the home, changing the bed linens and pillow cases frequently. Showering before bed time removes allergens. Prevention is probably a whole lot better." 

Ann Bromstedt, a pharmacist at Kilgore's Pharmacy, said some people take Benadryl, but there are new medicines that are better. 

"Because they are non-sedating and sometimes Benadryl will cause a paradoxical effect in a kiddo, where it will kind of amp them up a little bit and sometimes if you give it to them at night, it's not desirable," said Bromstedt. 

Mruzik said the he would recommend nasal corticosteroids because it may have better results than the oral medications.