High School Football Teams Battle The Heat

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COLUMBIA - Columbia High School's football teams made changes to practice to tackle Wednesday's  high temperatures.

Battle High School's head football coach Justin Conyers said The Missouri State High School Activities Associations has guidelines regarding the heat index that schools must follow when it comes to outdoor practices. The school's Athletic Director Matt Hale said that if the heat index falls between 95 and 104 practices must be modified, and if the temperature reaches 105 or over both practices and games must be postponed. Today the heat index fell between the 94 to 100 range.

"What we have to do today is we kinda have to come out and we are gonna go through no uppers or helmets in our warm up," Conyers said. "Hopefully it starts to cool down a little bit out here and then we will go to full padded practice."

Alongside the football field Athletic Trainer David Ford stood measuring the heat index. By 6 p.m. the Spartans had padded up and started the regular workout.

"We make sure all of our coaches give more frequent water breaks especially in this heat," Ford said.

Rockbridge also modified today's football practice by starting off practice watching film indoors.

The Columbia School District announced today that both Hickman and Battle High School will move the start times of the football games scheduled for Friday to 8 p.m. due to heat.