High temperatures cause Show-Me State Games to take precautions

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COLUMBIA - The Show-Me State Games have been taking place this weekend across Columbia despite the heat. Participants have played many of the games, such as soccer, softball, rugby, and baseball, outside with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees.

With high temperatures come great precautions. The Show-Me State Games staff has increased water breaks, sped up the pace of the games, made sure the schedule is correct and encouraged families to bring tents or umbrellas to keep everyone safe in the heat.

"One of the biggest things we have done at the Show-Me State Games is trying to educate people before they come and make sure they are getting hydrated in the weeks and days before they come out here," said Emily Lorenz, the Show-Me State Games marketing coordinator.

In addition to the actions the staff is taking, the Show-Me State Games partners with University of Missouri Healthcare to make sure the athletes and everyone involved stays safe. Lorenz said athletic trainers and emergency medical services are stationed at the games' biggest sites.

"We have them in as many sports as possible, but with more than 40 events they are not necessarily in every single location," she said. "But they are always just a phone call away, and they are definitely strategically placed at our sites that have the most need."

None of the games have been canceled, and there have been no known heat injuries. Some games, including tennis, were moved from the afternoon to the evening to keep athletes cooler. The championship games will continue until 3 p.m. today.