Highway 63 Improvements Near Ashland

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ASHLAND- Contractors for the Missouri Department of Transportation started road improvements near Highway 63 in Ashland on Monday.

Projects include bridge deck repairs on the Route M and Y overpass, adding a j-turn south of Peterson Lane, eliminating existing median crossovers at Liberty and Peterson Lanes, and installing roundabouts on Route M and Y at the 63 overpass.

MoDOT Engineer for Boone County Mike Schapp said travelers should adjust their routes. Schapp also said planning for the project first came about when the city came to MoDOT with concerns.

"The changes will be more efficient for traffic," Schapp said. "The removal of the crossings will [also] eliminate right angle crashes."

Ashland resident Darla Wren said she is not a fan of roundabouts. "I never know who's supposed to go next, I don't totally understand it," Wren said.

Retiree John Park said he doesn't really know what is going on, but said it has to be done.

"At least we've got ways that we can get in and out other than this entrance here," Park said. "So, it'll be okay."

Schapp said MoDOT anticipates the completion of the projects by November 2014. Schapp said MoDOT has heard from the community and said MoDOT is making sure to stay in constant communication.

 For more information about this project or other transportation-related matters, call 1-888-ASK-MODOT (275-6636) or visit http://www.modot.org/central.