Highway 63 named 'most dangerous' highway in Missouri

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COLUMBIA - Highway 63 was the most dangerous highway in Missouri over the past decade, according to a new report. 

The report, from fleet management company Geotab, found Highway 63 had an average of 15 fatal crashes per year over the past decade. 

The report said the highway had 179 fatalities and 158 crashes over that time. It has a fatal crash rate of 0.7%. 

Highway 63 ranked 14th in the nation in number of fatal crashes when compared to the deadliest highways other states, according to the report. It ranked 17th in total crashes and 23rd in deadly crash rate. 

"Our daughter was 20 years old when and was killed by a vehicle passing on a curve north of Macon," KOMU viewer Glenda Wood said via Facebook. "I am thankful it has become a four lane road since that time."

Other drivers say the road is still dangerous today.

"My husband tells me all the time that he worries about me driving on that road daily," driver Rebekah Schachtele said. "I've seen people about run into the side of people pretty regularly actually."

MoDOT officials said they agree there is room for improvement along the corridor, but the danger has more to do with the drivers than the road.

"People I think want to really blame the highway," MoDOT Central District engineer David Silvester said. "We do a lot of signing we put a lot of things in place. If it's a sharp curve we let you know."

The report compiled data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Highway Administration. 

Silvester said the way Geotab presented those numbers is misleading.

"This particular report generated a total number of vehicle miles traveled calculation," Silvester said. "That's kind of a little bit of a subjective look at it because there are parts of the corridor that are much higher traveled than other parts."