Highway bridge repair to impact Columbia commuters

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COLUMBIA - Bridge repair starts at 7 p.m. Wednesday on a small portion of the northbound Route 63 bridge over Grindstone Creek.

Matt Lammers said he will be greatly inconvenienced during the two days of planned repairs. He commutes back and forth from Jefferson City to Columbia five times out of the week and drives a motorcycle about two of the days.

"Definitely more dangerous on a motorcycle gotta be heads up there is more debris everywhere a lot of times gotta take a lot of time and be a little bit safer," Lammers said. 

Other community members also said they will be impacted by the construction.

MoDOT engineer Charles Sullivan said it should not be too much of an inconvenience for travelers who plan ahead.

"[It's] just one lane. It's been closed before. When we did it early in the summer, we had one lane ... [closed for] like ten days, so this one here will only be a few of those," Sullivan said.

He said part of the bridge is cracked and needs to be repaired for regular maintenance. The part that will be replaced is part of the riding surface.

A contractor is scheduled to tear out the part of the bridge by Wednesday night, and then it needs to set for a few days.

The construction is scheduled for completion Saturday, September 6.