Highway Litter Costs Missouri More Than $5 Million A Year

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri has a litter problem, and it's more than just an eyesore.  According to MoDOT officials, the state spends more than $5 million annually collecting litter along the state's highways alone. MoDOT Spokeswoman Diana Johnson says without litter, the money could be used for more productive projects.

"It would mean taking our personel to resurfacing jobs or patching jobs, other jobs that needed to be done at the moment rather than putting them on the highway cleaning up the litter," Johnson said.

In attempt to combat the state's litter problem, MoDOT and the Missouri Department of Conservation are holding their annual No More Trash! Bash during the month of April. MoDOT's Sandra Hentges says the month-long awareness campaign aims to educate Missourians on the costs of littering while encouraging groups and individuals to volunteer for cleanup efforts.

"In the Springtime when things start to get green, you really notice a lot of that liter and trash out there along the roads," Hentges said. "So that's why we've set aside april as the month to really try to encourage people to get out there and get Missouri cleaned up."

The No More Trash! Bash runs through the end of April.  For more information, visit http://extra.mdc.mo.gov/nomoretrash/.

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