Highway Patrol announces new driving safety video

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri State Highway Patrol announced a new driving safety video called "Don't Violate the Trust." Public information and education officers at each troop headquarters are available to schools, civic organizations, and churches at no cost.

Captain John Hotz, the director of the Public Information and Education Division of Missouri State Highway Patrol, said "Don't Violate the Trust" is part of a series of videos done every three years. 

"We trust people, people trust us, and we as drivers don't want to violate that trust by committing traffic violations," Hotz said.

Hotz said this video focuses on the three main causes of crashes - speed, inattention and impair driving. He also address how important seat belts are in the outcome of traffic crash.

"I think one of the biggest issues facing driving in Missouri in a lot of places is texting and driving. In general, not paying attention while you are driving. It's really easy for people to just space out," Hunter Golden, a driver in Columbia, said.

Hotz also said every video in the series has different elements. In the new one, people would hear a person whose husband and one year old son was killed by drunk driver and traffic crash.

"People don't pay attention, people can be very aggressive - road rage. A lot of factors that go into people driving not consciously," Golden said.

Golden also said it comes down to the individual people in what their morals are and if they are going to obey the laws or not, and someone's decision would affect not only people who come in contact with, but also the people who care about him or her.

"People have responsibility for not only themselves - To take care of themselves and to not cause injury or harm other people, but also to take care of themselves for the benefit of their family. If taking consideration how your family would feel if you are hurt or you hurt somebody else, and how that would drag them to your situation," Golden said.