Highway Patrol Inspects 12,023 Missouri School Buses

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri State Highway Patrol placed 234 buses 'out-of-service' after inspecting more than 12,000 buses earlier this year. An initial inspection by the Motor Vehicle Inspection Division of the patrol found that 10,543 buses were free of defects and approved for further service. The inspection also found 1,246 buses with minor defects, yet safe for student travel.

Buses that were put 'out-of-service' must be repaired and re-inspected by inspection personnel before being used for student transport. Defective buses are given a 10 day window for the school district to repair them before being re-inspected for approval.

There were 268 school districts that were awarded Total Fleet Excellence, meaning that 90% of buses in that district received approval and had no buses placed 'out-of-service'.