Highway Patrol Launches Roundup for Outstanding Drug Warrants

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri State Highway Patrol launched a roundup Tuesday to track down people with outstanding warrants in mid-Missouri. The roundup is the culmination of a two-year investigation by under cover officers. The Jefferson City Police Department, Cole County Sheriff's Department and various other mid-Missouri agencies are participating in the roundup.

Officers are targeting around 25 individuals, mostly for suspected drug-related offenses. Sgt. Paul Reinsch said drugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroin are being distributed, and the goal of the roundup is to remove them from the community. Officers will make arrests in 13 counties, particularly Cole County.

"Anytime you go arresting someone for whatever the reason, there's always a danger there, particularly when drugs are involved," Reinsch said. "A lot of times these people are very paranoid and that makes it a very dangerous situation. We're going to be extra careful and get them arrested and put in jail."

Reinsch said the Highway Patrol will release the names and allegations of arrested individuals after the arrests are made.