Highway Patrol Warns Drivers to be Careful in May

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COLUMBIA- The Missouri State Highway Patrol spoke Thursday on the potential dangers of driving in the month of May with college and high school graduations and high school proms.  Sergeant Paul Reinsch of the Missouri State Highway Patrol said more social activities happen during this time and as traffic increases, so do the amount of DWI arrests. 

"It's a time where a lot more parties are happening and we tend to see more DWI's," Reinsch said. 

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol statistics, Boone County has the highest frequency of drunken driver related crashes in mid-Missouri.  People who are between 21 and 25 years old crashed 1,304 times, which is the highest number of drinking induced crashes in a specific age group.  People between those ages crashed 699 times, which is the third highest. 

Twenty five percent of all fatal crashes involve drinking in the month of May.  These numbers come from the 2010 Missouri State Highway Patrol traffic statistics. 

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