Hillary Clinton stops in St. Louis, focusing on jobs

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ST. LOUIS – With only days left until Tuesday’s primary, Hillary Clinton appeared at a rally in St. Louis to talk about jobs.

“We need a positive agenda," Clinton said. "That’s why I stand behind creating more jobs, more innovation, supporting small businesses and standing up for unions.”

Clinton specifically addressed Missouri’s unrest over Right to Work, a measure prohibiting unions from operating in the state.

“We have to bargain together, stick together and resist together whenever anyone comes along who tries to divide and conquer,” Clinton said.

The event took place at Nelson-Mulligan Carpenters’ Training Center, a union facility. One Clinton supporter said the former secretary’s view on Right to Work is one of the reasons he will vote for her.

“It’s no good," Daivd Holmes said. "It’s no good for nobody. That’s a bad word, Right to Work. We need to get rid of that word."

Clinton also addressed issues like equal pay for women and LGBT rights.

She applauded democratic members of the Missouri Senate for their 39-hour filibuster against SJR39, a resolution that would grant greater religious protections for organizations objecting to same-sex marriage.   

“We have to break down all the barriers that stand in the way of any person getting ahead, and that includes barriers of bigotry and discrimination,” Clinton said.

One supporter said she’s voting for Clinton because she’s a woman.

“Women have worked just as hard as men since eternity," said Linda Kennedy. "I just feel that she’s for the person who works hard."

Clinton supporters were not the only ones in attendance. A group holding Bernie Sanders signs stood outside the event.

“I just want to see some of the lies, some of the cover-ups, the controversy that she’s kind of been going through and stuff," Matt Reis said. "I’d like to see her give straight answers instead of kind of beating around the bush with everything."

Some Bernie supporters also demonstrated outside of Donald Trump’s rally Friday. Clinton mentioned Trump in her speech.

“You don’t make America great by getting rid of everything that made America great,” Clinton said.

In addition to Clinton and Trump, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders also visited the state this weekend.