Hinkson Creek

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COLUMBIA - On Wednesday at 3 p.m. the new Hinkson Creek TMDL Science team will meet to discuss pollution problems in the Hinkson and how to resolve those issues. TMDL stands for total maximum daily load, which means the maximum amount of pollutants the federal government allows in any lake or stream. For years the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has cited studies and reports that show the creek does not meet those regulations and cannot support aquatic life.

This committee is part of the Hinkson Creek Watershed Restoration Project and consists of 16 committee members. Those members include homeowners, developers, environmental advocates and government officials.

The goal of this team is to identify the pollutants in the Hinkson. Right now, the pollutants are labeled as "unknown" and the source of the pollutants are "urban runoff" and "urban nonpoint source." Wednesday's meeting will be the team's second gathering since the group formed in early May. Members also hope to eventually reduce pollution in the creek by approximately 40 percent so get the body of water in compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act.

The meeting Wednesday is open to the public and will take place at the MU Anheuser Bush Natural Resources Building in Room 210.