Hinkson Creek at Jay Dix Station gets \'trashed\' with garbage

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COLUMBIA- The Hinkson Creek at Jay Dix Station is covered in piles of trees and trash. 

When on the MKT Nature and Fitness Trail looking over either side of the bridge overlooking the creek, there appears to be little water and a mass collection of debris.

The garbage includes hundreds of soda bottles, plastic bags, toys, sports balls, Styrofoam, cans and some larger items, like a plastic cooler.

Frequent visitor of the park George Frey said he wasn't surprised to see the recent mess: "I found a hubcap in there once."

KOMU 8 News spoke with the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department Public Information Specialist Tammy Miller. The department also sent a maintenance crew to the bridge while KOMU 8 News was shooting video, but parks and rec said it is not in charge of the area.

She said, "The Parks and Recreation Department is not in charge of the Hinkson creek area. That is actually the county's job."

Miller's guess was that the rain fall may have led to a collection of trash.

Boone County Public Works told KOMU 8 News the facility maintenance department is in charge of the area; however, the facility maintenance department directed KOMU 8 to call the Public Works Department once more.

 The question of why there is so much debris and when it will be cleaned up is still a mystery.