Hinkson Creek debris piles cleaned up

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COLUMBIA - Clean up in the Hinkson creek began Tuesday morning after trees and debris continued to pile up since several thunderstorms and heavy rainfall in mid-July.

Four large maple and sycamore trees collapsed onto the creek creating a natural dam effect. Logs, tree branches and trash jammed at the dam. 

The Boone County Facility Maintenance Director, Doug Coley, said, “The trash could have collected from the city streets that blew down into a storm drains. It all ends up somewhere, and this time it ended up in the Hinkson Creek. We just have to be more mindful of our trash because it all ends up somewhere.”

The Boone County Commission approved a contract with Arthur Ratliff Tree & Stump Removal to take out the debris.

Coley said in July, “We are in the process of developing a strategy of removing the trees and debris at the same time. This way we will not have to worry about the trash and debris moving downstream once the large tree is removed." 

Larry Snodderley, manager of Arthur Ratliff, said the solution was to set up a catch fence about 50 yards downstream to make sure the trash did not continue down the creek.

The fence was put in on Monday as a starting point of the clean up project. Only a small portion of the fence is water.

Snodderley said, should another storm come, the company would attach another fence panel above the current fence so trash will not flow further down the creek.

The clean up will take around a week to two weeks.

Coley then plans to have an engineering firm come by and check the trail bridge that goes over the creek.

A group of logs flowing down the creek hit the bridge and snapped a vertical support beam in half.

Coley said the bridge is still safe for bikers and walkers, but the engineering firm will still determine how much traffic it can support and figure out any necessary repairs.


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