Hinkson Creek Science Team Discusses Pollution Solutions

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COLUMBIA - The Hinkson Creek TMDL science team met Wednesday afternoon to discuss possible solutions to the creek's pollution problem. TMDL stands for total daily maximum load, which basically means the amount of pollutants the Federal Government allows in a stream or lake. Pollution in the creek has been a hot topic of discussion for a while. 

Currently, the creek does not meet the standards set by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, which is a problem the science team wants to solve. If it is able to reduce pollution by 40 percent, the creek will then be in compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act. The pollution is so bad the creek can't support aquatic life. 

The only problem is the team can't identify the pollutants. Currently, the pollutants are referred to as "unkown" with the source being an "urban runoff" and an "urban nonpoint source." 

At the meeting, there weren't any certain answers, but the team did suggest that more wooden roots and perhaps more trees could help with the problem.