Historic downtown apartment demolished

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COLUMBIA - A historic downtown apartment building was demolished Monday. 

The James Apartments sat on Tenth Street in downtown Columbia.

Columbia Historic Homes said James Apartment building was demolished to make room for more student apartments.

Public Information Specialist for Columbia Public Works, Steven Sapp, said the building was once a hotel, but has been apartments for some time now. 

People stopped by all morning to watch the historic building come down. 

Local photographer James Carroll took pictures of the demolition for most of the afternoon. 

Carroll said he asked several bystanders about the age of the building, "I heard someone say 1800, someone said 19." 

The building was built in 1903 and became the Winn Hotel. It has been repurposed twice since then, including its current use as apartments. 

He said he thought there was mixed emotions from the people there watching. 

"Probably more amazement, there was some frustration," Carroll said. "I think it was more just curiosity, at least for me." 

Quinton's Bar & Deli is right next door to the James Apartment building, and is also slated for demolition to make room for student housing. 

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