Historic Jefferson City homes are open for redevelopment

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Housing Authority is looking for ways to give new life to four historical homes.

Executive Director of Jefferson City Housing Authority Cynthia Quetsch said the goal of Friday's open house was to provide an opportunity for interested developers to tour the properties.

"We're accepting proposals to suit whatever people's desires are," Quetsch said. "If they want to open a business or residence or do a little bit of both, all those would be possible proposals."

According to the Housing Authority, the homes were built between 1875-1920. The homes are located on E. Capitol Ave. and Jackson St. The properties have suffered from years of neglect. Also, the homes have some damage from the tornado.

One attendee at the open house, Spencer Hoogveld, is a local owner and property manager and is interested in making a proposal. Hoogveld said the homes need a lot of work, but he sees redeveloping them as an opportunity to help Jefferson City.

"When you look at the historical value that Jefferson City has, I think a lot can be done here," Hoogveld said. "You can kind of see its been rundown over the years, but with the potential it has, it could really create a unique living space."

The Housing Authority's hope for the redevelopment of these homes is to eliminate some of the blight in Jefferson City.

"We hope it will be an active neighborhood," Quetsch said.

In total, there are six properties open for redevelopment. One property, known as Ivy Terrace is located at 500 E. Capitol Ave., and there will be an open house for it Nov. 21. The other property 511 E. Capitol Ave. is not safe to enter currently, but is still open for redevelopment.

Redevelopment proposals are due Jan.7. You can find more information about the properties on the Jefferson City Housing Authority's website.