Historical Marker Unveiled At Jefferson Middle School

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COLUMBIA - After more than ten years a historical marker is making a big debut at Jefferson Middle School. 

In 2003 the sight was designated as a Columbia Notable Historical Property.  On Tuesday dozens of alumni and community members gathered for the unveiling of a plaque.  Several people in the community and alumni of the school all donated money to have the plaque made which shows the history of the location since 1872.

Dr. Nyle Klinginsmith, a committee chair and former principal of Jefferson Middle School, spoke at the event. He said originally the purpose of the plaque was simply to commemorate Jefferson Junior High School, which has been on the property for 86 years, but it turned into much more.

"We also realized we really needed to honor the fact that when the school district was formed in 1873, 8 years later the first school that they built on this corner and we decided to honor Jefferson Junior as part of that 132 years of history," Klinginsmith said.

The plaque is located right on the corner of Eighth and Rogers Street. Klinginsmith said he hopes when people see the sign they get an idea of the special history that lies on that specific property.

"The nice sign is right at the corner of the Columbia College property and we sort of commemorate this as a historic academic corner of Columbia," Klinginsmith said.

Linda Hutton, a former Jefferson Middle School teacher attended the event.  She said the project was all done through volunteers.

"Columbia College was wonderful in helping as well were so many former teachers, parents, and teachers," Hutton said, "The history of this partical location will not be forgotton."

Hutton said the marker is very important to show the community how to recognize the importance of our history and Columbia Public Schools.


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