History Left Behind Last Border War Game

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COLUMBIA- It's a rivalry that started before the first shots of the civil war were even fired and after 120 years, the Tigers and the Jayhawks are still battling it out on the football field.

Todd Donoho is the author of three books focused on Mizzou's football history.

"One thing about the Missouri Kansas football rivalry is that for many of those 120 years, both teams weren't very good," Donoho said, " There's only been a few times when both teams are really good."

Donoho also said that the general dislike between Mizzou and Kansas spawned from a history that predates football.

"It's based on the border war between Missouri and Kansas," one KU fan said.
"Kansas wanted to be a free state and Missouri wanted them to be a free state," another KU fan said.
"There were gangs in Kansas that came to Missouri sacked the town, killed a lot of people," one Mizzou fan said, "We retaliated and burned down Lawrence."

But these two schools, rooted in a rivalry that predates the civil war will fight what could be their final battle, Saturday.

After more than a year-and-a-half of considering a conference change, Mizzou announced it's decision to join the SEC.

Donoho said KU has made it clear that, "we don't like Missouri leaving because that is going to end the rivalry...We're leaving the conference but that doesn't mean the rivalry has to end- other schools have rivalries against teams in other conferences,"

Donoho predicts that in a few years the rivalry will resume.