Hit and Run Accident Sends Woman to Hospital

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COLUMBIA - A local woman is at the University Hospital after a hit and run accident Monday evening. The woman, whose name is yet to be released, was helping her children into the car on South Garth Street near Grant Elementary School when a northbound vehicle collided with her, according to Columbia Police. 

The driver of this vehicle, described as a tan or beige four door car, is still unknown. The victim's condition has not yet been released. 

None of the surrounding neighbors saw the accident, but many responded to the noise they saw outside. 

Karla Lewis lives directly accross the street and saw the events immediately following the accident. "There was a little frail woman pushing with all her might to push something off of her car," she said. She later realized that the object was the car door from the victim's vehicle. 

According to neighbors the victim was visiting a friend who lived on the street with her three children. None of her children are injured, and police are still looking for the driver.

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