Hoagenson wins Democratic nomination in a tight congressional race

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COLUMBIA - Businesswoman Renee Hoagenson took home the Democratic nomination for Missouri's 4th District Congressional seat Tuesday in one of mid-Missouri's closest primary races.

She defeated Hallie Thompson with 52 percent of the votes. A difference of just 1,741 votes separated the two.

"I am very excited, I am very happy and I am planning on winning in November," Hoagenson said. "I was surprised that it was as close as it was, frankly I expected to win by a larger margin."

Thompson, a 28-year-old plant scientist, led the vote count much of the evening, but late-reporting precincts put Hoagenson over the top.

She said people from all age groups supported her campaign.  

"We had millennials, we had people my age, we had labors, we had senior citizens," she said.

Hoagenson said her victory was a result of her campaign's efforts to meet people. 

"I've raised $250,000 all in small donations, you are talking about 3,000 different people putting money into this campaign," she said. 

Thompson had campaigned on a message of change and said she would bring a fresh face to politics.

She said, despite the loss, she will not stop knocking on doors and working for Missouri.

"I really care about this community and this is something that I am doing because it felt like the time," she said. "This is not a disappointing outcome because we have seen folks get involved and care that I don't think we have seen in a long time," Thompson said. 

Hoagenson said she'd like Thompson to join her team. 

"I hope that she'd know that there is a place for her and I welcome her. I'd help her in whatever capacity that she would like," she said. 

The congressional seat is currently held by Republican Vicky Hartzler. 

She won the Republican nomination seat and if she is re-elected in November, it would be her fifth term as Missouri's 4th District representative.

Hoagenson said the biggest complaints she hears about Hatzler is that the incumbent is unwilling to meet with the general public. 

"I am willing to meet with the constituents, I am willing to meet with the citizens, I am willing to listen to their concerns and their needs," Hoagenson said. "And I believe that that's what a representative should do."