Hold 'em for Hepatitis C

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COLUMBIA - Hepatitis C is the most common blood borne disease in the United States. According to the Missouri Hepatitis C Alliance, 75 percent of people with the disease don't know they have it. To raise awareness for the disease, the alliance is hosting Texas Hold 'Em tournaments every Thursday at Pem's Place in Columbia. With a $20 buy in, 50 percent of the proceeds go toward free Hepatitis C testing.

Laughing and enjoying a soda, Ellen Kackley folded her hand. Kackley, who sits on the board of directors for the Hepatitis C Alliance, just started regularly attending the poker nights. "It's nice to hang out, have fun, and benefit a good cause," Kackley said. Though none of the attendees claim to be professional poker players, they say they enjoy winning the poker chip battle... and helping to conquer Hepatitis C.