'Holiday Creep' settling into local stores

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COLUMBIA - Stores across the country are selling Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations months before the holidays. This trend is known as the "holiday creep."

Sales vary by stores and locations, but some Columbia shoppers don't see a benefit to buying holiday supplies early.

Libby Knight said her family finds better discounts after the festivities are over.

"It's fun to look at the holiday stuff, but I'm just not there yet," she said.

Other shoppers said they couldn't imagine waiting any longer to see these fall supplies.

Jean Brow is a crafter, specializing in table decorations. She said it's essential to gather materials early.

"It does take a long time to make things," she said. "It gives me an opportunity to check out stores that sell these things and get something together."

Brow said she has to be prepared if she wants to find a bargain.

"You just have to check these stores periodically. Sometimes every other week, sometimes two, three times a week depending on how close you are getting to your deadline," she said.