Holiday Decorations: How You Can Light Safely

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COLUMBIA - Home Depot Manager Dave Schad spent Tuesday day under the soft glow of holiday lights, pointing out what he calls "safer" lights to customers. Schad said it could be in your best interest to buy LED (or light-emitting diode) lights instead of traditional bulbs because LED lights do not heat up as fast.

Schad said the Columbia Home Depot is selling about six times more LED lights this season. They are a couple dollars more expensive, but Schad said in the long-run, they also use up less electricity.

Schad added another safety tip, "Always check your smoke alarms. You might need to replace them with new ones or replace the battery." He also said to leave your lights off when you leave the house.

Melissa Cole follows the same advice in her salon. She owns Issastyle Studio on St. Charles Road. "We try to make sure that the tree and lights are out of everybody's way when they're walking around, so nobody trips on anything," Cole said.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, about 150 home fires across the nation start with holiday and decorative lighting. These fires cause an average of eight deaths, 14 injuries and about $8.5 million in property damage.

For more holiday lighting safety tips, visit the Electrical Safety Foundation's website.