Holiday home tour

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COLUMBIA - The 35th annual holiday home tour concludes Sunday.

The event is raising money for the Missouri Symphony Orchestra.

Tickets are $15 in Advance or $20 at the Door, all proceeds go to the Missouri Symphony Orchestra.

One ticket gets you access to all four homes, each uniquely decorated.

Nancy Griggs, one of the event organizers, says this fundraiser is a big help for the Orchestra.

“So in all total we make usually 16 to 20 thousand dollars, half of it goes to scholarships and half of it goes to hot summer nights,” Griggs said.

She said the home tour is an experience.

“We select around four homes around Columbia, you drive between the homes we have docents in each room that show you about the art the decorations and you just go at your own place basically,” Griggs said.

The holiday home tour helps support programs within the Missouri Symphony like Hot Summer Nights and to fund scholarships.  

“Our purpose with the Missouri symphony is to bring beautiful music to Columbia and this fundraiser helps us accomplish this,” she said.

Sponsors and this fundraiser greatly help the Missouri Symphony.

“In order to raise funds we get sponsors and do a fundraiser like this one.” Griggs said.

The last home tour is available on Sunday from 1 PM to 4 PM.