Holiday sales, not over yet

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COLUMBIA - With Christmas in the past, the holiday sales are not.

The National Retail Federation reports that the holiday season sales accounts for 30 percent of most store's annual sales.

A local store manager shared how this statistic applies to her.

"Our holiday Black Friday, day after Christmas and kind of between those two days, it's our biggest profit," said Alexandra Wieshaar, Woody's Store Manager.

Wieshaar said the day after Christmas marks a new transition in the retail calendar.

"We're about to go to market for Spring then we have to make sure that all our winter stuff is out," Wieshaar said. "So kind of this is our last time to kind of do a big flush of it."

End-of-the year sales is a national trend according the NRF. The organization reported a 4.1 percent increase in sales with a total of $617 billion.

According to Wieshaar, more customers came to the store. 

"We were really busy last year but not compared to this year," Wieshaar said. "It really hasn't died down."

The NRF reports that the retail industry makes 17 percent of Missouri's GDP.