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COLUMBIA - The American Automobile Association expects an estimated 93 million travelers this holiday season. A good chunk of those travelers are expected to travel by car.

The Missouri Department of Transportation says some of the reasons include low gas prices and good weather conditions, but that also means travelers will more than likely see congestion on the roads this holiday season.

Saturday and Sunday are the peak travel days.MoDot has some suggestions to make your holidays safe.

1) Stay focused- Distracted driving is the leading cause of crashes and accidents.

2) Plan ahead - Give yourself enough time. Plan your route ahead and even chart an alternate route as well.

3) Avoid peak dates and times - Travel before people are expected to get to work and when they are expected to leave. For example, avoid six to eight in the morning and four to six in the evening.

4) Check your car - Get your car checked before a long drive. Some common things you can do is check the tread on your tires, look at your battery for corrosion, and make sure you are up to date on your oil changes.

5) Other car safety reminders - No drinking and driving, wear your seat belts, and obey the speed limits.

According to Sally Oxenhandler with MoDot, Missouri has seen a decline in fatalities in the past six years, but this year, it has seen a three percent increase. 

Sixty four percent of those people were not buckled up.

"One fatality is one too many," said Oxenhandler.

"Take some time, slow down, stay focused on the task at hand, and follow the rules of the road." Oxenhandler says doing those things will likely ensure that you arrive safely at your destination.

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