Holts Summit alderman candidate pulls out of coin toss

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HOLTS SUMMIT - Lisa Buhr, one of the candidates in the Ward 2 alderman election, pulled out of the coin toss scheduled to determine the winner of the position Tuesday night.

According to the Callaway County clerk, Ronda Miller, the Holts Summit Board of Alderman election on April 2 ended in a tie. Buhr and the other candidate, Chris Redel, both received 35 votes each.

After the tie, Miller said the results were verified by a certification team.

However, Buhr said she found discrepancies in that certification process, which caused her to pull out of the coin toss.

“We still don’t know if the certification was done off of the machines, if they hand counted them with the certification board,” Buhr said. “In this instance in particular, one vote really does count.”

Buhr said there was supposed to be a meeting with the certification team that she was never alerted of.

“The municipality is supposed to give candidates notice when the certification is going to be done for situations like this, where if there’s questions, they can be addressed right away,” Buhr said.

Hanna Lechner is Holts Summit’s interim city administrator. She said after having a conversation with Miller, she still believes all procedures were followed.

“They feel like they followed it to a tee,” said Lechner. “And so they don’t know why Lisa and her campaign manager are saying that they didn’t follow procedure.”

The coin toss was scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Holts Summit City Hall. If Buhr does not follow through with a coin toss in the future, the other option is holding a special election. Miller estimates this would cost the city between $1,200 and $1,500.

“The cost would have included our election workers, the use of the equipment, our poll pads, paying the election workers, my office staff and things like that,” Miller said. “It adds up pretty quickly.”

In the meantime, Buhr said her first priority is getting her questions answered by the Callaway County clerk’s office and the secretary of state.

“Even if the outcome does not come out in my favor, I’m satisfied with my decision to skip tonight’s coin toss just so that we know all the rules were followed,” Buhr said.