Holts Summit booksale will lead into potential plans for the city's first library

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HOLTS SUMMIT - A book sale brought together by donations will take place Friday morning and throughout the weekend in Holts Summit. 

The book sale was organized by the Holt Summit Community Empowerment Foundation which found the space and paid for the remodeling for the book sale. 

CEO of the Holts Summit Community Empowerment Foundation Marty Wilson was inspired to take on the project by the love his daughters had for books and time they would spend at Barnes & Noble on weekends.  

Volunteers sorted through more than 4,000 boxes of donated books arranging and organizing them by genre. 

"Missouri River Regional Library was very helpful," Wilson said. 

Wilson said after Missouri River Regional Library's annual book sale they would donate all the leftover books to Wilson's foundation. Otherwise, the books would be shredded and disposed of. Shelves and furniture came from the closing of the Jefferson City Barnes & Noble--the same location Wilson would take his daughters. 

The book sale will happen in the same space that will be Holts Summit's first library which is expected to open in November. 

"We thought setting the shelves [for the book sale] to look like the library gave it more order...but also they can visualize it a little more," Wilson said. 

Before the possibility of the new library, citizens of Holts Summit would have to rely on the bi-weekly book mobile or drive to Fulton, Ashland or Jefferson City to get their hands on a book. After the library is opened in November a book can be found in the plaza of Holts Summit. 

Proceeds of the weekend's book sale will go toward paying off the debt of the future library and will also help support a local church's mission trip to the country of Mexico.

Volunteer Denise Tindle is a part of the mission trip and has worked on organizing books for the book sale for the past few days and says she can see the progress. 

 "We had so many books that I thought it would never happen or even fit in this room...but now it looks organized and ready to go," Tindle said. 

Shoppers will see bargain priced books and VHS tapes no more than $2.00. 

When the library opens in November, books will be available for the community at no cost. 

The book sale starts Friday at 10 am and end the evening of September 8th.