Holts Summit makes final arrangements for Lake Mykee consolidation

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HOLTS SUMMIT – The city of Holts Summit is one step closer to growing a bit larger.

On Wednesday, representatives from Holts Summit and Lake Mykee met to finalize business transactions that will merge Lake Mykee into Holts Summit.

“It’s similar to someone buying a house,” Lake Mykee city clerk Robert Lueckenotte said. “The seller and the buyer have to do each end of their agreement, and we have to make sure all of the finances and deeds are in order.”

Both sides have worked toward a merging agreement since 1994, but tabled the consolidation process until 2015. A lagoon in Lake Mykee did not meet EPA standards in 2015, which prompted Lake Mykee to deed the sewer system to Holts Summit in an effort to work toward consolidation.

Holts Summit would acquire around 140 homes and increase its population by nearly 350 people once the consolidation process is approved. Residents from cities voted on consolidation in April, supported by more than 70 percent of voters on both sides.

“We’re going to be adding approximately 10 percent of the population to Holts Summit, which will add value and growth to the city of Holts Summit, which will allow business growth as well,” Lueckenotte said. “The bigger your city is, the better opportunity to bring business in, and I think it shows growth in the community of Holts Summit."

The Lake Mykee neighborhood will still keep its name, and the lake and parks in the neighborhood will remain private property under the Lake Mykee Homeowners Association.

“It’s really a culmination of making sure we fulfill all the regulations outlined by the state,” Lueckenotte said. “It’s not just about two towns disincorporating or joining in together, we’ve got to follow state regulations to make everything happen for us."

Rick Hess, Holts Summit city administrator, said the merge could also mean stronger and faster police presence around the Lake Mykee neighborhood and more sewer improvements.

“As soon as this takes effect, we will plan for putting in a major lift station at Lake Mykee and putting in the forced main that will run down here and tie into our system,” Hess said.

Hess said merging is uncommon within Missouri, and this would be the first time Holts Summit ever consolidated with another nearby area to expand its city limits. 

Consolidation could take effect as early as Thursday. Lake Mykee city leaders have to approve results from the April city election and sign an ordinance for the merger to officially happen.