Holts Summit Smoking

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HOLTS SUMMIT - A proposed smoking ordinance will be first introduced to the Holts Summit Board of Alderman Thursday night.

City Administrator Rick Hess wrote the ordinance, which would regulate where people can smoke within city limits.

Businesses would still have the choice to allow smoking inside, but public places, like parks, would only allow smoking in designated areas.

"What this is designed to do is not to ban smoking, but to move smokers out and away from doors," Hess said.

On the Facebook group, "Holts Summit: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly," the ordinance has been heavily debated. Hess said there has been a lot of confusion in the past over what the ordinance actually proposes, but being active in the Facebook group has changed that.

"We're modifying things a bit to get a happy medium between the smokers and non-smokers," Hess said.

Megan Ford, the owner of Hot Spot Convenience Store in Holts Summit, says she does not expect any changes in business if the ordinance is passed but understands the need for regulation.

"You've got to have respect to a certain point," Ford said. "The city here is doing something really good."

Hess expects the Board of Alderman to make a decision on the ordinance at the next meeting, April 12.