Homecoming Debate

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COLUMBIA - University of Missouri alumni officials said on Thursday that this year's 100th Homecoming celebration doesn't make them the creators...exactly.

For years, other schools have claimed to be the originators of the homecoming celebration, or at least parts of it. Missouri students are still told time and time again that their university came up with the idea. Some universities claim to have created the idea of football-based festivities, like parades and rivalry promotion. Once quick to accept the claim as the homecoming king, the University of Missouri is now saying they are, at the riskiest, the true creators of the Homecoming "tradition."

Technically, Baylor had a homecoming-like celebration in 1909, two years before the first Missouri try. And again, the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign beat the Tigers with a homecoming celebration in 1910, celebrating their 100th anniversary last season. But Missouri claims to have solidified the common associations now made with collegiate homecoming.