Homecoming Stick Up: Taxi Driver Robbed

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COLUMBIA - Marcel Lambert, a taxi driver robbed over Homecoming weekend, said Thursday  that that four suspects have been arrested.  Lambert said the three males and one female were face  assault charges, but no one has been charged with robbery.

"The detective working the case, when I told him what all happened, said he was surprised no one got arrested Saturday night," said Lambert.

"I'm just out the money," said Lambert.  Lambert plans to return to work later this week, after taking off the last few days to heal. 

The robbery that occurred over Homecoming weekend cost  Lambert his earnings for the night, and his GPS.

Lambert, who is a taxi driver with Rick's Taxi Service, said he had just pulled into the Rolling Rock complex on Columbia's south side Saturday night to pick up a few passengers. That's when Lambert said a bottle hit the passenger window of his van.

"I got out and I started asking the guy why he threw the bottle, and as I was talking to him - that's when these other guys approached me to get out of the driver's side and hit me in the back of the head and pulled the door open," said Lambert.

"He called me, and told me they had hit the car with a bottle, and I rushed over as soon as I could to see what had happened," said Rick Lacy, the owner of Rick's Taxi Service.

Police were at the scene by the time Lacy arrived, at 11:15 p.m.

"I know when officers arrived, they were contacted by a taxi cab driver," said Latisha Stroer with the Columbia Police Department. Officers were told that cab fare and a GPS had both been stolen.

Both Lambert and Lacy said the police were questioning three college boys and a coed about the robbery. However, after they finished questioning the suspects, police then told Lambert that no arrests would be made that night.

"They told me that everyone had been drinking, and that the stories were conflicting with each other," said Lambert.

On Tuesday afternoon, Stroer said no arrests were made due to the conflicting stories. And she could not confirm there was a lot of drinking going on with the crowd.

"That was not written down in the police report, so I do not know what those levels were," said Stroer.

Both Lacy and Lambert said they were very frustrated nothing was done Saturday night.

"They had the guys right there. They had them - the three guys and one woman. And they let them go," said Lacy.

"It's like saying to me - these are just some college kids out having fun, drinking, or whatever - you know - they didn't mean any harm to anyone. But this is something I had to go to the hospital over. This is something I am sufferring from," said Lambert.


COLUMBIA - Marcel Lambert, a taxi driver robbed over Homecoming weekend, said Thursday that that four suspects have been arrested.... More >>
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COLUMBIA - A robbery that occurred over Homecoming weekend cost a Columbia taxi driver his earnings for the night, and... More >>
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