Homeowners cleaning up from storm

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COLUMBIA - Columbia residents spent their Tuesday cleaning up from overnight storms. Several homes along west Broadway were hit hard.

Ed Coe has lived in his home on Heather Lane for 56 years.  He said he has never seen a storm this bad.

Coe and his wife had just gone to sleep when disaster struck.

"I heard a loud thunder clap and then a thud on the house and that's when the tree must have come down," Coe said.

A maple tree in his front yard feel on top of his house.

"I was shocked when I saw it, I had no idea that was going to happen," Coe said.

Coe said all he can do is wait.

"I need to wait for the insurance company to come and check it before it is cleared away.  I contacted the tree service and they said to call them once I'd heard from insurance," Coe said.

He said he remains optimistic and doesn't think the damage is too bad.

However, some of his neighbors weren't so lucky.

Another house just down the road had a tree go straight through the bedroom roof leaving a massive hole and breaking a window.

Ryan Link lives down the road and had an 80 foot tree in his front yard split and fall right next to his home.

"It started blowing so hard and we just thought oh my gosh and just shut the door.  And not long after that we heard a big crash and the tree crashed and knocked over a wall but thankfully did not knock over the house" Link said.

Residents said they hope everything is quickly sorted out, but they aren't holding their breath.