Homes Ready for Fort Leonard Wood Families

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FORT LEONARD WOOD - Officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday to announce the completion of 10 homes. The homes come after a tornado passed though Fort Leonard Wood on December 31, 2010, destroying more than 40 homes. Due to the devastation, Fort Leonard Wood decided to build 40 new homes with stronger tornado shelters.

One family had already moved into the neighborhood before the ceremony. Family members are looking forward to having new neighbors.

"It has been kinda quiet so far. We are really looking forward to see other faces on the street," said Robert Bouknight.

Bouknight and his wife Jamie were not at Fort Leonard Wood during the tornado, but know friends whose homes were destroyed. "We are thankful most people were out of town during the storm. And the one family that was here all made it out safe," said Jamie Bouknight.

Each new home has a tornado-safe room inside the home. The room was built separate from the house on concrete slabs. There are also two dead bolts on the doors for additional safety.

Tenants should fill the ten complete homes within the next two weeks. The 40 homes are also part of a larger project to build 160 homes.  All 160 homes are expected to be finished by June 2013.