Hometown friend of MU's Drew Lock says he has remained humble

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COLUMBIA - Heading into Thursday night's NFL draft, MU's Drew Lock is surrounded by family and friends in Nashville for the first round of picks.

One of the people who joins Lock in the official green room for draft candidates is Ben Burnham.

Burnham and Lock grew up in Lee's Summit and Burnham said they've been friends since they were in elementary school.

Burnham also attended MU and has been cheering on Lock's career since the start.

"It's been exciting watching his path," Burnham said. "He's stayed real humble, which is awesome, and remembers all his friends and where he came from." 

He said he remembers back to freshman year of college in the dorms when he would decompress with Lock after games, hearing how Lock felt coming out of a game.

Burnham said he knows Lock will get picked, but he's still anxious.

Chris Gervino, sports director at KOMU 8 News, said he expects Lock could be picked in the first half of round one.

Burnham also said he's proud of how hard Lock is willing to work at his game, recalling a time Lock brought a playbook to dinner with friends at Texas Roadhouse.

"His work ethic is incredible," Burnham said. "Even when he's doing other things, he's still working on football."

When asked where he predicts Lock will get drafted, Burnham said Miami Dolphins, but mainly for selfish reasons, because he'd like to visit Lock in Miami.