Honest Abe Can Make Sense of Your Tires

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COLUMBIA - Columbia residents only saw a little snow Wednesday morning but it was a good reminder to gear up for snow when - and if - it comes this winter.  There is a simple, do-it-yourself tip to protect you against harsh winter conditions on the street.

According to The Weather Channel's "Driving Safety Tips," it's important to check the tread depth on your vehicle's tires.  You can do this with a tread-depth gauge or with a penny.

Dig a penny out of your coin jar.  Make sure Lincoln's head is facing you when you hold the penny in your hand.  Next, put Lincoln on his head and put the penny into the tread.  You'll want to make sure at least part of Lincoln's forehead disappears into the tire's tread.  The more of Lincoln's forehead and face that disappear into the tire, the better your tire will perform in winter conditions.