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COLUMBIA - MU healthcare opened its $40 million expansion of the Missouri Orthopedic Institute. The facility expanded by more than 85,000 square feet.

Medical Director of Missouri Orthopedic Institute James Stannard said the research, new facility and exceptional health care takes the medical facility to the next level.

“Our mission at the Missouri Orthopedic Institute is to provide exceptional patient care to all who need it, and this expansion means we can help more patients,” Stannard said. “We added operating rooms, private inpatient rooms, and X-ray rooms. Patients can also receive specialized treatment for limb-threatening conditions through our new limb-preservation program and restorative care through our new chiropractic service and expanded physical therapy care.”

The Missouri Orthopedic Institute expanded because patient volumes have constantly increased. The project included five operating rooms, 22 private patient rooms, three X-ray rooms, 19 outpatient operating rooms, the Thompson Center for Regenerative Orthopedics, as well as an expanded pharmacy and physical therapy center.

MU Health Care started the expansion in June of 2015.

CEO Johnathan Curtwright said patient visits increased from 42,819 in fiscal year 2011 to 56,317 in fiscal year 2017.

“We are proud that the Missouri Orthopedic Institute has been so successful,” Curtwright said.

MU Health Care said the expansion will also benefit MU School of Medicine faculty and staff. The project will allow them to have more space to conduct research.

"We've expanded our class of medical students. We have 28 additional students per year. So this facility affords additional excellent training sites where students can rotate with physicians and learn how to take care of patients."

Residents and nursing students will also be able to work with the orthopedic staff. 

MU Health Care has seen patients from 26 states and five countries.

MU Chancellor Alexander Cartwright said procedures the institute performs will draw people to the facility.

“MU is internationally known for our pioneering Mizzou Biojoint surgery using human tissue,” Curtwright said. “And the specialists at the Missouri Orthopedic Institute are among the national leaders in hand, spine, hip, knee and shoulder surgery."