Hospital offers new midwife services

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COLUMBIA - MU Women's and Children's Hospital on Wednesday showed off its new low-intervention birth program. 

The hospital is the first in mid-Missouri to offer expanded low-intervention birthing options in a hospital setting with certified nurse midwives on staff. This option allows expecting mothers to opt for an unmedicated, minimally invasive birthing experience. 

Expecting mothers who choose the low-intervention birth route will be placed in one of two special rooms. Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynocology Courtney Barnes said, "The low-intervention birthing rooms have the calm, luxurious feel of home." Barnes added, "We really wanted to design a space that was like home, but hidden behind all of the nooks and cranies are the technical components that make it safer in the event of an emergency."

Staff Midwife Lori Anderson said, "The goal is to provide mothers more options and control of their birth." Anderson explained, "as a midwife I have more time to spend with the mothers, so I get to know them better. It ultimately makes individuals more comfortable." 

The hospital has one midwife now, but Barnes said they are currently in the process of hiring two more.