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BOONVILLE - Twinkies maker Hostess seeks to impose a labor contract containing wage cuts and a reduction in benefits on bakery union workers, just days after workers overwhelmingly voted against it.

The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco and Grain Millers International Union represents nearly 80 workers at a Hostess Bakery in Boonville. It's the second largest Hostess workers union. The union said Monday 92 percent of its members voted against the contract.

The International Brotherbood of Teamsters, which represents the majority of Hostess workers, voted in favor of the proposal last week.

A worker at the Boonville bakery told KOMU 8 News the workers have lost trust in the company. He was worried about losing his job, so he requested to keep his identity anonymous.

"We don't want to pay off a debt they acquired," he said. The worker said only four Boonville workers voted in favor of the proposal, 42 rejected it.

Hostess CEO Gregory Rayburn said in a court filing the union leadership mislead and misinformed its members. He told the Wall Street Journal, "Leadership basically led employees in the union to believe that there's a white knight buyer out there for the company, and there's not."

Bakery union leadership said Monday in a statement that its members rejected the proposal because it was "outrageously unfair" not because they were misinformed.

The worker in Boonville says he fully understood the proposal and thinks the company is desperate and is going to extreme measures to prevail. He says if Hostess attempts to impose the proposal on the union, he thinks bakery union members will strike.