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BOONVILLE - The Hostess bakery outlet slashed it's prices Saturday morning following the company's announcement it is no longer in business. Many mid-Missouri residents packed the tiny store's aisles to secure their last Hostess products. Items like boxes of cookies and loaves of bread cost less than two dollars.

"We're sad we might not see Twinkies and powdered donuts," Adam Klein said.

"I came for cheese danishes," Kaitlyn Smith said.

"I always liked their potato bread here," Marvin Boeschen said.

Melissa Larew also said she had never tried a Twinkie before. She did not buy a box before the store sold out, but there were still a few individual samples left. "The lady behind the register gave me one that I could take home and at least try," Larew said

Although these customers do not want to see the store go, they did not forget what closing the store means for Boonville.

"It's going to be a sad day for Boonville. A lot of folks are losing their jobs right before the holidays," Larew said.

"We've enjoyed what business we've done with them and hate to see them go out of business," Boeschen said.

The bakery outlet said it does not expect to sell out of all of its products before the store closes on Monday. Employees say they still have more bread to fill store shelves. Other customer favorites like Hostess cupcakes and Ho Hos are also sold out.